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Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Montgomery

We are committed to providing students and business professionals with equal opportunities to enhance their careers and curriculums at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Montgomery High School Students of Alabama. A way included in our services so we can be a great resource for them is offering Green Belt Training and Certification to help students and all people interested in the methodology to go beyond what a yellow belt offers them with the small roles they can take.

All green belt practitioners can work as project managers and will be able to execute process improvements in a company or in different projects and processes. This practical training can be applied to any workplace and even in their personal projects as more practitioners learn how the LSS can bring great results.

Our students learn how to create a system for their work and collaborate while at college and high school or work.

The main benefit of these training and certifications is usually found during job applications. This shows how valuable you are to an organization as companies need continuous improvement and a method that reduces waste and cares about customers’ satisfaction.

Our team will help you improve your business processes by helping to identify, analyze, and reduce problems while also helping to prevent them. This level of LSS is a great place to learn how to solve problems and make decisions, and there is much more for those who want to take on the challenge of being trained at this belt.

Keep in mind, however, that you need to be yellow belt certified to apply for the training at this level.

Who Can Benefit from This Green Belt Training?

Green Belt training is available to project managers, leaders, consultants, and anyone else who is interested in Lean Six Sigma and wants to take on leadership roles or participate in large-scale projects within companies and the methodology’s implementation. 

Our training is often requested by professionals who see it as an excellent addition to their career, but it is available to students of all ages, from high school to college, to employers and companies for their employees and teams.

No matter what level or individual’s education, the training will not alter its content. Instead, we will adapt our teaching methods to ensure that all students are prepared and have the same level of knowledge by the end.

Our training statistics and how much time it takes to complete regular training are ten days and more than 25 hours. It all depends on what certification you are looking for and how we need to create this outline since we know some will jump from the yellow belt we offer to the green one right away. 

Training will come with assignments that you must complete. These assignments should be completed as instructed and before the next class or session. 

After completing the training phase, all participants can take the Green Belt examination so they can get their certificates.

What Will You Learn in Our Green Belt Training?

Although this level covers the essentials, it is more in-depth than our yellow belt training. We also teach you how to implement Six Sigma in your business or project and in a more specific way.

So, you can expect our outline to look something like this:

  • Introduction to Methodology: What is Lean? What is Six Sigma? What does Lean ix Sigma mean?
  • Learn how to define customers and problems (we used the DMAIC structure from 6 Sigma starting here). What are the client’s needs/expectations? What is their experience with the process?
  • Measure and analyze the system to determine the obstruction’s size.
  • Analyze the data and the process to find the root cause.
  • Concentrate on what you can improve upon: Identify the root cause and put the solution into practice.
  • Control all your processes, so the solutions established and implemented won’t fail in the long term.
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International Recognition Thanks to Our Certifications

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Montgomery High School Students of Alabama is a well-respected company, and each certificate will give you international recognition as well as all the benefits of the training.

IASSC, ASQ, LCS, and CEDEO have accredited us. We follow international standards and ensure that every student is prepared to tackle the projects for which they were trained.

You can be sure that as a student in high school, college, or university, or as a business professional, our certification and team will make a great addition to your experience and bring more opportunities.