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Lean Six Sigma Colleges-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Montgomery

It is essential to learn about Lean Six Sigma and how it can benefit you or your students before you consider the methodology for any community college or your life as part of it. First, remember that it’s a business philosophy that focuses on innovation and improvement and combines Six Sigma and Lean principles to ensure progress and growth are achieved while also giving more value to customers and clients. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Montgomery High School Students of Alabama, our team has been using it for more than ten years. We know how to make it accessible to all community college students and educators and to explain to you—before anything else—why Sigma can be the best addition to the entire community.

Lean Six Sigma aims to increase efficiency and decrease variability in business processes. However, it has been shown over the years that it is also applicable to manufacturing and other business cycles, unlike its early years in which it was only used for manufacturing.

The main reason behind its use in other areas is that it can be used to automate and improve any process or system. This includes education at lower levels and higher ones as educators, professors, and the institution itself, can implement the methodology to boost the methods they use and ensure students have access to better education.

The ultimate goal of community colleges is to give students more tools to improve and grow as well, so they can have more career advantages for this; it isn’t only about implementing the method in the community but teaching them how to use it as well.

In addition, colleges should aim for Sigma to assist educators and professors in their methods and to equip the education system to prepare students accordingly.

What Makes LSS Useful for the Community?

LSS is a combination of the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. Its principles and structure are based on improvement, waste reduction, and continuous growth.

But the main element to notice is that LSS employs the DMAIC approach, and it can be adapted to community colleges. DMAIC stands for:

  • Define the problem.
  • Measure processes’ performance.
  • Analyze the root cause.
  • Improve all processes by finding solutions.
  • Control your processes, so solutions aren’t useless in the short and long run.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training or Green Belt Training will save time and reduce problems for whoever gets trained in it and is able to implement it in a company, at college, or in their personal goals. 

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Montgomery’s course has been a great help to our main community college and others across the state. This method has been a success for students, educators, as well as everyone else who is a part of it since they get community benefits and some individual ones.

What Are the Benefits of LSS Training?

LSS offers a variety of tools that can be used for process problems.

Keep in mind once more that LSS can be applied in any field, discipline, or industry. This will enable you to be a better contributor to your employer or future company if you are a student choosing to get trained in it.

As an educator or even a student, you’ll want to know that there is a 5-8% rise in the salary for Lean Six Sigma practitioners. It is because employers and institutions recognize its importance and are open to those who have been trained in it and can help with and handle the implementation.

But how do you access this training for all your community college members?

Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Montgomery

We recommend that you contact us to learn more about our certifications and training. As the best company in Alabama, we are recognized by international entities. This gives you the advantage of each certificate being recognized across the country and in others if you ever leave the USA.

We recommend that you start with a Yellow Belt if you have any students or educators under your wing or if your education is something you are interested in and haven’t done anything related to Sigma so far.

After you have completed your training, we will offer the possibility of certification. This involves taking one of our exams to verify the knowledge and final approval.

We will adjust the schedule and add time depending on whether it is a group program or an individual one. We always offer several monthly programs at each Montgomery community college to provide enough time for students and teachers who are interested.

Contact us for more information via email or phone call.