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Lean Six Sigma Businesses-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Montgomery

Lean Six Sigma has been a well-known American methodology for over 20 years. The continuous growth of its industry is due to its implementation in different areas and not only in manufacturing as during its first years. As a result, the interest of colleges, high schools, universities, and companies across the country has spiked. More individuals want to be trained in it to be valuable assets and have more opportunities and benefits. Our company, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Montgomery High School Students of Alabama, is available for certification and training. However, before you apply and decide whether you want to be part of this industry, let’s go over some essentials.

Its roots lie in the United States, and it was created when American industries faced Japanese products. 

Kaizen, which focuses on continuous improvement as well as customer satisfaction, helped tremendously in Japan’s manufacturing industry. It increased production and made Japanese industries surpass American ones to put the latter ones at risk in the international market.

In order to compete with this, LSS was necessary as it combines two main methodologies that seek improvement, growth, waste reduction, and satisfaction.  

Today, it is extremely popular because it is universally adaptable. It is applicable to all aspects of life and business by students, professionals, employees, companies, and all individuals that can understand how it works and play around with it.

However, practitioners and individuals must implement the principles and structure according to their industry to achieve the desired results. The main goal of simplifying the process is to reduce unnecessary steps, focusing only on the critical and improving performance achieved regardless of the situation.

Every organization should strive to continuously improve its quality, operational excellence, and performance, so it isn’t strange to implement it in more than one industry nowadays.

Now, LSS shines more than before in the USA as it, at some point, surpasses what Kaizen offers as a methodology and allows you, a company or professional, to get all the results you need when it comes to growth and improvement.

All Came from Lean & Six Sigma

Lean, as an individual method, has been a powerful element since the dawn of industrialization as its principles have been used by businesses to increase their productivity, meet customer demands, and improve their bottom lines.

It is an independent method with nothing to envy, yet it has some gaps LSS fills when the combination of Lean and Six Sigma takes place.

Now, these are the fundamental facts of Lean: A philosophy that eliminates waste and delivers the best customer service.

Six Sigma is a method that focuses more on identifying problems and finding solutions, while there should be control over the processes, so change and improvements remain.

The way it makes it possible is by having the DMAIC structure, which stands for: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

This quality control method is used in large-scale manufacturing companies, but it is also available today using the LSS method across all industries as it is a matter of adapting each part of the process.

Six Sigma and Lean have been very popular in performance improvement since their introduction to the USA’s automotive industry, and when LSS was created, they did fall a bit apart based on how many people implement them individually, but they aren’t dead.

LSS is useful for all organizations, including universities and public sector businesses. They can have lower costs, provide better products and services, and also increase revenue based on the principles of the methodologies by adding more to the formula.

Main Industries Using Lean 6 Sigma

LSS is an important tool in manufacturing because it is the reason it was introduced in the first place, and the entire structure and principle are based on achieving continuous improvement in this industry. However, it has been adapted to more industries across the country. 

To make LSS more useful for their businesses, companies just focus on training their workers, while schools even offer programs for students and educators.

The following industries are the most popular for its use:

  • Healthcare: This can reduce time spent searching for patients’ records, wheelchairs, and medications, and it allows staff and employees to have a more organized way of providing their services.
  • Legal and Financial Services: This sector is process-driven, so all businesses are well-positioned for the opportunity to reap the rewards of this approach.
  • Education: It allows schools to run more efficiently and direct more resources toward the classroom. They can be used to reduce variance and streamline administrative processes.
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Requesting Lean Six Sigma Training

No matter what industry you work in or whether you are a student looking for Lean Six Sigma certifications, Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Montgomery is here to offer you all the services you need to be part of the industry.

We’ll walk you through the process and explain all terms, as well as what the LSS methodology is in-depth.

For more information, please call us or send an email. We are happy to include your institution or company in our satisfied client list, or you are welcome as an individual.